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If you have reached this page, its because something inside of you is yearning for more.  Well, the truth deserve more!  You deserve more out of life, more from your relationships, and more for yourself.  There are several vehicles for you to choose from to begin the journey of living your dreams.  Whether you want ongoing coaching sessions or just one, you are only a few steps away from living the Empowered Life

Individual Coaching & Mastery Sessions:
If you need help gaining clarity on your dreams, prioritizing your assignments and goals, getting unstuck, or finding the right balance for your life, the Purpose by Design Individual Coaching & Mastery sessions are a good place to start.  These coaching sessions are designed to help you gain mastery over your dreams, goals, ideas, time, relationships, and most importantly …you will gain mastery over you! 

What Is Life Coaching?
Coaching is an action oriented, growth focused relationship, centered on helping people to discover and fulfill their destiny.  Coaching moves people from where they are, to where they desire to be, by helping them tap into their God given talents, strengths, and resources in order to maximize their potential.

My ultimate desire is to help you begin manifesting in the present, what you see in your future. As your coach, I will help you stretch your vision and imagination in order to gain mastery over life challenges, as well as help you explore new strategies, and support structures that will move you towards success.

How Will Coaching Help Me? Life coaching will empower you to:

  • Re-focus on your dreams and goals
  • Gain clarity on where you want to be
  • Articulate your vision and needs
  • Change old belief systems and self defeating habits
  • Take control of the “delays” in your life by learning how to master each moment
  • Design your own action plan
  • Identify what’s holding you back
  • Bring balance to your life in order to manage your dreams and ideas

 What Can I Expect? In our sessions you will:

  • Prioritize your assignments and goals
  • Identify your core needs and values
  • Identify the obstacles that are hindering you from reaching your destination.
  • Develop a personalize action plan with target dates
  • Gain insight into your signature strengths
  • Create new strategies for success and change
  • Develop a system of accountability
  • Create a season of momentum towards your dreams

Using a proven method which focuses on mind reconditioning, thought mastery, and spiritual growth, we will work together to enhance your unique skills and strengths, expand your vision to overcome roadblocks, explore new strategies, and find new ways of gaining access to your dreams.

You will set the agenda on what you would like to accomplish during our sessions and together we will develop a personalized strategic plan which is a great way to create accountability, support, interaction.  This strategic plan will be our roadmap that we will use to help you achieve your goals each week.  

Who Are My Clients?
As a coach and former therapist, I have worked extensively for over 20 years with just about anyone who desired transformation. However, I find that my passion and heartbeat is towards empowering women to discover their purpose, take control of their life and circumstances, and find the steps to manifesting what they desire to become.

So, Who Do I Work With?
Women of faith
Women in transition
Women in leadership positions
Women who are in the ministry
Women who are co-pastoring
Women who want to live authentically
Women who want to reignite their passion
Women who feel overlooked, underpaid, and devalued in their current position
Women who need motivation to activate their dreams and ideas
Women who want better clarity and focus for their vision
Women in need of change in their relationships
Women who desire a total makeover from the inside-out
Women who feel trapped in self-imposed limitations
Women that want to overcome fear, and inadequacy
Women who desire insight into their divine design and purpose
Women who want to learn how to balance and prioritize their life

Where Will Coaching Take Place?
What I absolutely love about coaching is that it can be done anytime, anywhere! Primarily our individual coaching will occur via telephone conference or Skype. Many of my clients love this approach due to their busy schedules, as it affords them the opportunity to multi-task, but also get their individual needs met at the same time.  I am also available for in-person appointments upon request. 

How Often Will We Meet?
Coaching is an ongoing  relationship between a coach and a client.  I am committed to working alongside of you, for as long as it takes you to reach your goals. 

How Do I Get Started? 
If you are truly ready to take a journey of faith, and put in the work and effort to begin living your best life, I welcome you to contact me today!  You are only a few steps away from getting on the pathway to exceptional living.

Below, there are several options for you to choose from.  Also, if you think coaching may be right for you, but you want more information, feel free to call for a complimentary “discovery” or consultation session.” 

Individual Coaching Plans
One – 55-60 Minute Session -$100.00
Four – 55-60 Minute Sessions -$380.00
Four – 30 Minute “Impact” Sessions -$240.00

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