Thank you for considering me as a speaker or trainer for your event.  If your audience wants to optimize their potential and create new strategies for success then you have come to the right source.

I specialize in helping individuals and organizations to connect their ideas, dreams, and goals to form a clear concept that will inspire movement from passion to purposeful living.

With over 15 years experience as a leader, therapist, program developer, and public speaker, my voice is particularly geared towards  empowering women to create  authentic, intentional movement towards  their goals.

Most Requested Topics

Though I can  create a custom presentation just for your group or event, below is a sample of my most requested keynotes and workshops: 

Personal Development

  • Life by Design Part I:  Finding your P.A.T.H  to Exceptional Living
  • Life by Design Part II:  Embracing your  P.A.T.H with Authentic Clarity
  • Re-invent  to Re-invest: 5 Steps to Creating a New Now
  • Ignite Your Life: Creating the Life You Desire and the Love you Deserve

Leadership/Professional Development

  • Finding Your E.D.G.E: The 7 Laws of Effective Leadership
  • ELEVATE: Seeing Vision in 3D
  • Workplace Wealth: 6 Strategies to Influencing Your Environment For Success
  • Good to Great: Motivating Yourself to Move Beyond Complacency.
  • Successful at Work-Responsible at Home: Managing the Balance
  • From The Bottom Up: Leadership Strategies in Difficult Places

Spiritual Development

  • God’s Satisfied Woman: Finding Your True Fit
  • The Master’s Design: Connecting God’s Dream to Your Reality
  • Move Fear to Faith:  Following the Sound of Your Instincts 
  • No More Drama: Rewriting Your Story to Match Your Future
  • Forgive the Unforgivable: Seven Steps To Freedom