The Life by Design Event is an exciting empowerment series which is sure to change how you pursue your purpose and will position you to activate your dreams! 

Each session is intended to challenge and equip you to discover your purpose, bring clarity to your vision, help you to get unstuck, overcome procrastination, and fear, stretch your vision, bring momentum to your ideas, and get you on the path to manifesting your dreams.

The P.A.T.H. is a unique resource that I have developed for the Life by Design series, which will empower you with the tools, and steps you need to take, in order to advance those ideas and dreams.

Using a blend of bible based teaching and life mastery tools, the P.A.T.H. will teach you step by step how to master the challenges of where you are, and shift you closer to where you intend to be in life.

What Does The P.A.T.H. Stand For? 
Pursue – Your Passion & Purpose
Activate –Your Intentions 
Trust – God in the Transition 
Harvest –The Moment 

What Can I Expect? You will learn how to: 
Define and redefine your purpose
Clarify your vision focus
Overcome your Dream Killers and identify your Dream Sustainers
Confront your fears, and insecurities
Bring your actions and intentions into alignment
Utilize frustration as your stepping stone
Develop time mastery and how to overcome procrastination
Create a strategic plan to realizing your dreams
Create momentum to your ideas
Master each moment when it comes

How Often Do You Meet? 
These empowerment events are offered throughout the region and can consist of a 1 day “mini” impact session or a 3 to 4 day workshop. 

Who Can Attend?
Women of faith
Women in transition
Women who want to live authentically
Women who want to reignite their passion
Women who feel overlooked, underpaid, and devalued in their current position
Women who desire insight into their divine design and purpose
Women who want to learn how to balance and prioritize their life
Women who need motivation to activate their dreams and ideas
Women who want better clarity and focus for their vision.
Women in need of change in their relationships
Women who feel trapped in self-imposed limitations
Women that want to overcome fear, and inadequacy

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How Can I Register?
You may visit the Upcoming Events Page or click the link below to register for the next scheduled Life by Design Empowerment Event.