Your Next Begins..Right Now!

I know exactly what it’s like to be trapped in the cycle of the mundane.  Doing the same thing every day out of obligation, and expectation. It’s the kind of life that’s become cyclical, predictable, and lacks the energy and passion you need to feel fulfilled.  The most frustrating aspect of being in this place is that you have a silent suspicion that not only is there more, you believe that you deserve more.  For years, I did exactly what was expected of me in my ministry and work, but I was never quite satisfied with the outcome.  I had a silent yearning to be more and do more. The problem was, I didn’t know how to articulate what I felt, nor did I understand how to manifest it in my reality. I had ideas, and dreams, but no plan on how to implement them.

Frustrated and seemingly without options, I settled for a life of mediocrity.  One that sustained my lifestyle, but couldn’t satisfy my soul.  Too afraid to move on my own, I waited for years on someone to come and invite me to do more with my life.  I had become a spectator on the sidelines of my own life, hoping that someone would invite me onto the field to play.  I desperately wanted to be discovered.   I anxiously yearned for someone to open a door and give me permission to go to that next level that I always knew existed within me.

Finally, God answered my prayer.  But it wasn’t the answer I expected.  He said, “While you’ve been waiting for me to open a door, I’ve been waiting on you, to Create the door you want to see open!” 

What Is Purpose by Design?
Purpose by Design was created for one singular purpose: to empower you to create your own doorway to success.  As a holistic life development business, Purpose by Design’s mission is to bring empowerment, and motivation to every facet of your life.  Having a global vision to help women overcome life challenges and struggles, Purpose by Design reaches women of all stages for the purpose of life transformation, empowerment, divine connection, and the opportunity to walk in freedom and destiny.

Through personal life coaching and mastery, empowerment workshops, seminars, and group coaching, Purpose by Design focuses on equipping women to maximize their potential and live life just as God intended.

Whether you’re looking to discover your purpose, optimize your relationships, find balance for your life, increase your potential at work, embrace healing and restoration for yourself, or desire to finally live your dreams, I believe you’ve just connected with the right source for empowerment, and life change.

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